Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today is September 29,2009. We have gym, forensics, and early lunch because it is Tuesday. At gym most of us signed up for PP&K(punt pass and kick). Some people did it yesterday at gym, but the rest of us will do it today. Ms.Fetherolf is out today and Mrs. Smith is subbing for today. We have a quiz Friday in science. In history we have to finish our pages for Mrs.Whitley about the confederate and union battle's of the Civil War. For math we just took a test Friday and we all did great. Today we might have homework for Mrs.Vinson in our workbook. We also have a page for math class about three famous mathematicians due October 5,2009. For reading we have our deep water words due tomorrow. For our reading log we have to meet our goal for stickers by tomorrow. We our having a competition for A.R. points and the class with the most points by Friday gets a free day in Mrs.Hull's classroom. WJS

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